Dr. Heather Taylor is able to conduct comprehensive psychological evaluations to address:

  • Learning disabilities and developmental delays (reading, listening, writing, math, etc.)
  • Attention, emotional or behavior disorders (ADHD, depression, bipolar, memory challenges, etc.)
  • Diagnostic testing (personality disorders, mood disorders, anxiety, etc.)
  • Intelligence and achievement assessments for advanced placement programs
  • Career Testing

All assessment tests are tailored to answer the individual questions of the adult, adolescents, and children participating in testing.

Benefits of Psychological Testing

Assessment results provide insight and information about an individual’s strengths and challenges regarding different behaviors, emotions or cognition. For example, testing can demonstrate an individual has a high IQ and struggles with processing information through listening. This information can help provide an opportunity for specific interventions to improve that persons day-to-day functioning at work, in school and in relationships.


Psychological testing typically takes place over several hours, usually in 2-5 appointments.  Written reports are available within 2 weeks of the final date of testing.

  • Testing assessment consultation – 1 Hour at $275
  • Psychological testing – 4+ Hours at $275/hour
  • Scoring/Reporting – 1-3 Hours at $275/hour
  • Counseling session and treatment plan – 1 Hour at $165- $175

It is recommended that a patient verify their insurance coverage prior to their first visit.  Insurance companies may cover some or all of testing.

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